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Flip Phones are still hip right by jelw7
Flip Phones are still hip right
Remember when I had time to draw.
All my brush settings are different since I did a new sai install on this computer blegh...
I really wish I could shade hair and like the outcome for once in my life.
my art style will change cuz of it I guess
Look at Yoshi. How colorful.

If you wanna RP hit me up- my time zone makes it tricky to hang around in the DA chats/ I'm usually on mobile and can't be bothered to bother.
Self photos tag by jelw7
Self photos tag
Ha ha aha ah it's an accurate depiction of me.
Tagged by :iconnoeldragon:

{R U L E S }

Someone will start the game. They will post the selfie, and tag at least 3 people. 
These three people will have 24 hours to post a selfie. If not, the chain "breaks" and will either start over/be passed on to someone else.
1. The person you tagged has only 24 hours to post a selfie, no more! (Do it whenever I really couldn't care less)
2. You can only delete the selfie in 48 hours!
3. You must show the person who tagged you before with the selfie they posted!

I tag :iconblithesom: :iconrp-chanty: (or your other account whatever) :iconmuahahaxd: (<3 <3)
A-GENTS:: T10 by jelw7
Meet the most colorful character I've ever created

Name:  阿倍悦世 [Yoshiyo Abe]
Nickname: Yoshi (He doesn't like being called by his number unless it's a work-related situation.)
Date of Birth: December 9th, 1984
Age: 34
Nationality: Japanese
Language proficiency:
Japanese: Speaking, reading, and writing are all exceptional.
English: Speaking is fluent with small errors and a noticeable accent. Reading is fluent. Writing there is room for improvement, as it is brimming with abbreviations, text slang, and incorrectly spelled words.
Finnish: Comprehension is somewhat good, but speaking is poor with a very noticeable accent and frequent mispronunciations. Writing is very poor. Reading ability is poor.
Chinese: Cannot speak or understand when spoken. Can look at text and get a good idea of the subject and message a lot of the time due to his knowledge of kanji. Can write the characters, however doesn't know anything about the grammatical structure of the language to be able to write anything comprehensible.

T.E.L.L.T.A.L.E - To Emit Lies Leads To A Lonesome Existence
Whenever a lie is spoken in Yoshi's prescience, he will involuntarily sneeze, regardless of the language the lie is told in. Lies can be detected even if a person cannot be seen, so long as their voice is heard, so it applies to radio broadcasts, television programs, etc.
If a lie is told but the teller perceives it as truth, it will not be perceived as a lie. (IE if someone is misinformed and give that information unknowing it's false, then they are not consciously lying and therefore it will not be detected.)
Lie detection does not occur with written media.
Cannot detect lies with fully fabricated voices (ie a robot) but can detect lies from a voice that is altered electronically.
If a lie is told but there are multiple (in the 5+ range where voices blend together) people talking, or there are other noises which are interfering with the ability for Yoshi to process the person's voice, then the lie will not be detected. If there are a mass of people talking but Yoshi focuses enough to distinguish individual voices, he can detect lies of those who he's concentrating on.

:bulletred: Can detect lies
:bulletred: More importantly valuable for assuring there are no two-faced or dishonest individuals mingling within the organization.

:bulletred: Unable to be of use in off-site in situations where silence is required.
:bulletred: Even if he is aware there is a lie he may not be able to pinpoint it. (Multiple speakers talking- a language he doesn't understand, etc.)
:bulletred: Sickness or allergies may tamper with reliability.

Class: Hacker


Yoshi has a very strange adoration for acronyms. Maybe it's the way they make him sound official- or the way they eliminate so many letters from an otherwise letter-filled sentence, but either way he loves using them in both speech and text. In instances of typing, the acronyms are also ideally meant to prevent him from having to write out full words because his spelling is unbelievably atrocious. However, this is only in Yoshi's ideal world. WRBWGMW. Where RedBull Would Give Me Wings.

Play It Cool (Neutral Is Key)
Over the course of many years Yoshi has perfected the art of Playing It Cool, AKA, looking utterly neutral, blank, and overall emotionless. He grew up finding masking himself (in a figurative, and sometimes literal sense, as in times of great distress he would be known to wear a face mask) was overall easier to do- and fit a more ideal mental image for how he wanted to be. Not to say he can or doesn't react and use expressions like a normal person, because he is known to on occasion, but usually he sticks to his trust-worthy poker face.

Good Jokes Get Good Grades
Yoshi's sense of humor is questionable at best, and when it comes to making jokes himself it's 90% bad sexual innuendos, however this doesn't at all stop him from declaring himself a professional judge of other people's own jokes. Whenever he overhears a joke, he will take the time to properly critique and assess it, giving it a grade, too, of course.
"While your delivery was flawed, you made up for it with funny hand gestures. C."

Dedication Lazation Vacation
A DLV-ATION is an average day in the life of Yoshi. Essentially, it's a day in which he's too lazy to bother switching tasks and devotes long hours to a single goal until it reaches completion or he finally gives in to the clutches of hunger or sleep. An average person might call him a work-aholic (which is not wrong nor right since he can get easily get as focused on messing around with bypassing firewalls as he can with getting all the routes completed in a bad hentai game) or say he has tunnel-vision, however neither of those sound as cool as a DLV-ATION.

It's Not Over Til The Fat Lady Sings
A replacement term for the more accurate 'if you do not finish your work I will scream (internally)'. While Yoshi is a lazy individual, he does not believe in doing anything but your best possible work when it comes to your obligations. People who are lazy in their field get no respect from him, laziness has its place, but only on off hours where potato chips and icecream is involved.

Some Things Stuck And Some Things Sucked
Overall Yoshiyo has great respect for the customs and culture he was raised with, and tried to hold onto those same traditional mannerisms regardless of location. In particular, he always makes sure to properly show his respect to those who have it. He always greats others with a bow (varying in steepness based on the individual) and never calls those ranked above him by anything but their number.

:bulletred: Technology- old and new, any and all. He really enjoys going and looking at older technology and programs because he's a strong believer that to become skilled in something the only way to start is to master the basics and build from that strong foundation.
:bulletred: Energy drinks
:bulletred: Escalators and elevators
:bulletred: Spicy food

:bulletred: Cleaning
:bulletred: Dirty spaces (mostly for allergy reasons)
:bulletred: Waiting for food to cook
:bulletred: lies
:bulletred: Technophobes. He is literally incapable of wrapping his mind around the idea of someone hating technology.

From the moment he came into the world he was sneezing. No, that's a lie, however, as Yoshiyo grew up, he truly believed he was allergic to life. As time went on through childhood, through observation and doctor visits they were able to pinpoint an allergy to pet dander and to dust as two of the causes of his uncontrollable sneezing. However, allergy medication and frequent house-cleaning only helped to lessen the problem so much, and as a small child it was hard to independently observe and collect enough information for a self-diagnosis.

As his little sister grew up free from the same issues, suspicion moved from environmental factors to solely genetic ones as the cause of Yoshiyo's problems. Although it was never officially declared by any means, there was the mutual belief that Yoshiyo simply had a defective and weak immune system. His parents refrained from coddling him for it, but definitely showed more support with Yoshiyo's stay-at-home nature than they would have otherwise.

It wasn't until near the end of middle school that he had an epiphany. At one classmate's badgering about Yoshiyo's frequent sneezing, he jested that he might be allergic to people (a fairly standard mindset for any intolerable middle school child). Something about the joke set right with Yoshi, and he thought about it a lot from then on. Was he actually allergic to people? He didn't have his sneezing fits alone very often- but then again he didn't have them all the time around other people, either. He stuck with his theory and started delving into it further, taking notes about when his sneezing fits occured and when they didn't. Was he allergic to only certain people? He explored different theories independently to find out exactly who he was allergic to.

But he wasn't allergic to people- not all people at least. He wasn't allergic to the mother who said she loved him and wanted him to be happy; he was allergic to the mother who set three places at the table with a smile and told them how grateful she was for a husband who would work late to ensure their family had a comfortable life with all the things they needed. One day when the song changed on the radio and soft music filled the room, his mother closed her eyes and reminisced back to her wedding day- how perfect it had been and how happy she was. She had looked down and smiled as the last notes rang through the air saying how thinking back to that day filled her with that same kind of happiness.

Yoshiyo was allergic to that.

It was hard to wrap his head around that he somehow had the ability to unconsciously detect lies, but as test after test led to the same startling conclusion, he could only accept it. It cleared up his eternal confusion about his over-active conscious, after all, if other people lying caused him to react as such there had to be some sort of subconscious willpower that had always drawn him away from lies growing up, even if it would have been easier than telling the truth.

He was ending high school then, with more than one journey of discovery coming to a solid conclusion.

Technology, specifically computers, were still in their baby stages- but it was a field which intrigued him and had great future potential. Throughout college he took any classes on technology there were, never failing to get his hands on any new computer model released to the public market.

He fiddled and messed around in any method he could- ending up reformatting computers speaking gibberish more times than he could count. It was interesting- it was fun- and he never got bored of learning the mystical ways of technology.

It was easier than dealing with people. After he came to terms with his lie detection the world got more disappointing. Initially, he had got absorbed with politics- trying to educate people on who was wrong and who was right- but he couldn't explain why he was right. His arguments were pointless so he learned to keep the radio on music and the TV off, only optimistic enough to expect the best from the people he conversed with directly.

During his second year of college he went to study abroad in Finland for 10 months, needing some time away from everything he knew. There he took time to study various social, medical, and technological areas which were more progressive than Japan's. That first true feeling of independence led him to take charge of his life and he really started working on making the changes he needed with himself.

After college he got involved with a phone company. It was 2007 and while smartphones had been around for years already, with the start of the iphone the market was booming. With the ever-expanding capacity of phones, he worked with other members of the team for developing a way of restricting sites and programs deemed unsuitable for those under the legal age of 20.

He preferred computers to phones, however seeing how security systems were put together and functioned and knowing how to create one just served to strengthen his expanding repertoire. Off work, he messed around with how to get around the system- taking glee whenever he found some weird little flaw in a seemingly inpenetrable system.

There was always a way to get around it.

After roughly two years he found new work in anti-virus development, this time for computers. He was enjoying his work with the phone company, however his real passion always would be with computers. Job applications were strict- but with his work always complete and well done, and his attendance perfect (aside from a pre-requested 2-week absence in 2009) at his previous job, he got accepted. He worked both sides of the system, on one hand working at going through and enforcing any possible loopholes, but also trying to create viruses that the system wouldn't detect so their team would be forced to look at what went wrong and improve it.

It was good in theory, but not in practice.

Yoshiyo constructed a virus which not only got past security and evaded antivirus, but it also wiped months of hard work and data from all the computers connected to the same network.

Needless to say, he was let go.

Figuring no company would ever hire him again, he placed a small personal add offering to help anyone who needed help with their computer for a reasonable fee.

He wasn't expecting the job proposition he got instead.

-Joined the agency at age 30

Medical Information:
Blood Type: AB+
1993, Age 8, tonsils removed.
2009, Age 24, confidential.
2010, Age 25, confidential.

Allergic to pet dander and dust.
Ongoing medical treatment/medication:
:bulletblack:Receives an allergy shot monthly to lessen his side affects.
:bulletblack:Also has allergy pills to take when his allergies act up enough to need it.
:bulletblack:His ability to sleep is affected by being around technology all the time and by the caffeine he consumes, so he has sleeping pills prescribed to him. (Uses them sporadically.)
:bulletblack: Also takes vitamins because he forgets to eat sometimes.
LoE Sketchdump by jelw7
LoE Sketchdump
AKA Jel desperately rakes in all the EXP he can with the crappy doodles that have only been submitted to Tumblr.

Near the top are various Severin doodles- top left are the very first concept doodles I did while trying to rework him for Edia-- look at that outfit it's ridiculous. Poofy sleeves and all. To the right of that are some age concept stuff I did before Uke-Chan-chan made me do an age meme. And then I just had a boring painting thing of him.

Under those I have RP-Chanty's Maddox, and Slayer-1412's Matt-- this was just messing around with outfit design because I like clothes. Look at Maddox he becomes a hot old man so I am told.

Then I have a cross-dressing Elizabeth. If you're surprised I did this then you haven't been paying attention.

Then Sonnetbeam. Sonneeettbeeaam.

Then I have lovely Senka (oxEmi-chanxo) and Gael my favorite old man (MuahahaxD)

AND THEN LAST I have a team picture I was working on from the Expidition event. I feel really bad for not finishing it but I just don't think I'll have the opprotunity to do so any time soon. I contemplated submitting what I have here as its own deviation but that felt very mean to the three OCs I didn't get around to doing. (Sorry Trunk, Cirea, and Kyru! D= ) So here it is- 70% of team Petticoat.

LoE:: Gramhara by jelw7
LoE:: Gramhara
Gramhara sacred deity; he watches over thee
Should emotions woe you so; he will always know.
He holds a flower in his left, a dagger in his right
Would you passion; would you might?
The choice is yours tonight.

"Gramhara aide me I see red,
For a man; I want him dead
He crossed me one too many times
Will your help be mine?"

"Gramhara aide me for I see,
fantasies for love to-be,
For brighter than the stars she shines,
Will your help be mine?"


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