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.:RoF:. Cecil by jelw7 .:RoF:. Cecil by jelw7
Crows fly at midnight :blackrose:

Name: Cecil Felix Cornelle

Age: 16

Class: Sorcerer

Gender: He is a male I swear.

Primary: Dark
Secondary: Wind

Due to being a sorcerer he often dwells in learning various magic types. He has been studying Dark magic since a fairly young age. (As all little children should. Y'know. Books about hungry caterpillars are for peasants. Start damning your soul at a young age.) He's also tried messing around with fire and ice magic, sadly he hasn't managed to get these working for him yet. He's too hot for the fire and too cool for the ice magic, APPARENTLY. Cool Hotty yup. His biggest ambition is to get his dark magic strong enough to begin performing necromancy. Not because he wants to resurrect family or anything sappy like that but he just has this supreme overlord fantasy. He needs friends. Brainless reanimated corpses are his only chance.

Kingdom: Twilight Kingdom born and raised. In the graveyard is where he spent most of his days. There are no parodies here shh.

Weapon: His MAGIC. He's not good enough now to do it by himself so he usually needs the assistant of tomes or little charms. He has to do a ridiculous little rhyming chant so no secret gusts of wind. You'll get to hear him recite his hair-drying spell every morning. (Don't worry he has a nice girly chanting voice. It's the same way he sounds when he sings evil songs with lyrics not at all resembling Barbie girl in the shower. ) So yeah. Magic man. Once he memorizes an incantation and practices casting the spell a hundred or so times he can cast it off-book though.

He's actually not evil. (Here's a pause for the gasps from the audience.) More as in he's not going to go around stealing and hurting people, really, does he look capable of it? He can mess up your hair. So evil. Really he just wants to become the smartest and greatest sorcerer. He just wants it for bragging rights, too; he's not going to go cause mass destruction after it happens. Maybe if he does get to be the almighty sorcerer he longs to be yeah right then he can work on his social skills.
Social skills.
Oh yeah those things exist.
He has a hard time understanding various social aspects because he's not good at reading people. People are weird- the only people he's used to talking to are the ones where he reads their dialogue and inner thoughts to know everything for himself. (Hint: He talks to his books are you even surprised?)
So smart, ambitious, emotionally unattached, aloof, and socially inadequate... and neurotic. That's Cecil for you.

Side: Don't make him pick a side- he can't even make a decision about how he wants to arrange the books on his shelf without changing his mind the week after. (Author- no size - no title- maybe author no page amount!)
Let's make things interesting and say evil. After all maybe the only way to learn the ways of necromancy is through evil deeds.

To look nice in tights
Retains information very well, good balance.

:bulletblack:The sun. (Not literately but he will not go out on a sunny day unless covered head to toe in clothing.)
:bulletblack: Physical strength what's that? Challenge him to a fist fight. C'mon it will be funny.
:bulletblack: His lack of fear for things. You'd think it'd be a strength but due to not knowing the feeling of fear it's caused him to be unnecessarily paranoid.
:bulletblack: Take away his charms he wears and carries on him and well, you'll find his magic is a great deal weaker. He can only cast a couple spells well without their assistant.

Background: He was born and raised in Twilight town to a delightful mother and father.
Well that's boring.
Let's add this- he didn't speak a word until he was 8 or 9. Slightly different, yeah? Cecil's parents were optimistic, no doubt, believing he was perhaps just slow to learn. However, after years of continued silence with other children younger than him beginning to talk they were led them to one conclusion: he was mute. This stance was swayed, however, when a trip to the healers to check on his health showed nothing physically impairing his ability to talk. Maybe it was mental. Maybe it was a curse.
Their house began filling with books on dark magic (of which young Cecil took great joys in pouring over and trying to interpret what his young brain could come up with) as both of the parents tried to come up with some curse, some reason.
Years of research with nothing but dead ends all ended on a trip to the market, where shyly Cecil raised his hand to point to a wind chime and mutter "Echo."
There's not much to say now, his father eventually went off to train in combat in another part of the world and furthur his technique. With how Twilight Kingdom slowly grew more dark and slowly corrupted, his mother moved to rejoin his father several years later, being unable to persuade Cecil to come along.
Cecil merely continues his studies. Who needs people when you've got books to read and dark magic to learn?

L'Oreal because he's worth it
:bulletwhite: Books
:bulletwhite: Those papers bound together filled with words
:bulletwhite: Scrolls
:bulletwhite: Candlelight
:bulletwhite: Libraries.
:bulletwhite: Bells and wind chimes.

:bulletblack: Handcuffs
:bulletblack: Sunlight
:bulletblack: People who know stuff he doesn't. (And won't teach him)
:bulletblack: The fact that sleep is a thing he needs.

Additional facts:
He tends to rely more on hand gestures and such for communication.
He does not do martial arts. Nope.
I was trying to do perspective with the arms.
didn't work.

Wow look at that crappy history do I get a gold star
EDIT: I changed my mind he's born in Twilight Kingdom. I've designed him a new outfit so I'll redo his app picture this week HOPEFULLY. For now I hope this outfit is ok??
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